Sep 7, 2010

Subliminal message

these couple of days people talking about TV3 raya advert
what so interesting about it?watch this

and then what?
people start become robert langdon and agatha christie...they decipher all the message that what not use in the one from kalamulhaq
to be frank, at first watch i also do not agree with the advert..why?because x meriah langsung,no suasana kampung and bunga api...and the ad also somewhat like want to follow the "seruan kerajaan" 1malaysia with all festives are put all together and put it like it blend with malay culture...WTF?aku dah bosan dengan dis theme laaa to be honest...

so what is my point really?
my point is...when people who is like to decipher all this 'subliminal' message...they just like to relate all those things that in the subject study with the frremasons symbols...but they never fukken post any good sign and symbols that shud been use....or atleast give an example of a video or symbols that good to be referred to...

just blaming of everything and never improving people....sooooooo low of mindset...

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