Jul 1, 2010

umno rawks!!

as the story starts
for sure it gives an impact to PAS to retain their position
UMNO is become more islamic
its a good tactic from UMNO
their play is simple
announce that they want to propose some non-religious issue
then left it to the people make the sound
if many people hate it
then they conclude what the implementation is
judi bola for example
it's a flip-flop strategy

i love the way they did till this day on
even now...
all 40 young ulama
want to strengthen the iman between members of UMNO
its a good step right?

heyy let they be good..even you said being good that can go haven(not yet heaven) right?
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upsr & pmr

last week we received a news telling about upsr &pmr abolishment
at first muhyiddin just telling that he suggesting to do this
later the headmaster council also support the implementation
but for me
there's a flaw here
we should think what should have and what not
for me upsr is still relevant for these days
because when you change from primary to secondary
there's a lot of changes happen
students doesn't easily can be adapt with the syllabus of secondary
so i think upsr is like a transition state or like 'jumpa bos kecil sebelum jumpa bos besar' for the gamers
yeahh...they need transition
even when kids do reach secondary
they reach their puberty
they have some of change of attitude
its true that emotion and surrounding plays a major role in the change of the education

i don't think it should has been exist
students who benefit to this type of examination is only for who is change their school for upper secondary
yeahh student who enter mrsm,change sbp,masuk klcc,makan kt kfc
change of syllabus?
i don't think its a big change rather than from primary to secondary
what really change here is
student heart
here the state where they like to loving doving,rebellious against school and parents
the state of their thinking is same after all

even now they want to consider co-cu achievements
it's nonsense
at first they want to abolish all that to concentrate on study
but then
they want the students to active in co-cu
so how the flaw it is
i do think being active in co-cu is good
but don't make it pressure on it
student loves to be relax
if they pressure
that is what happen to the student who get many A's
which the reason why they want to abolish examination
"yuu,i don't understand what you mean"

lets me give you some example
years back
amalina get 17 A1s
this happen by the pressure of exam
so what happen if they pressured by co-cu?
they will give born to the student
lets say his name is donaghue
he's a school prefect, head for dormitory, head for the religious club,head of clean toilet club
and many more
so what happen to the rest of the student?
they will feel inferior
and this is not a healthy compettition for students

study should be done fun

i'm a student and i do feel kiasu while study..but in uni level i realize i've been bullshitting all my years back by being gila pangkat..
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